Yellow Tourmaline

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Yellow tourmaline is a light yellow, yellow, brownish yellow, yellowish brown, orange, and greenish yellow tourmaline with a predominantly yellow tone.

Yellow tourmaline is a light yellow

Mineralogically it belongs mainly to lithium tourmaline and magnesium tourmaline. The yellow color may be associated with the mixing of trace amounts of third-order iron or second-order manganese. High-quality yellow tourmalines are similar to "sherry topaz" or "golden beryl". They are found in Sri Lanka and Elba, Italy. The latter is a sodium-rich variety, apricot-yellow and tawny in color.

Yellow tourmaline Foreign name: yellow tourmaline Color: yellow.Origin: Sri Lanka, Elba, Italy Type: Tourmaline Value: Higher.

1,Introduction of yellow tourmaline

Introduction of yellow tourmaline

Yellow tourmaline is generally divided into medium yellow, orange yellow, and brown yellow. Yellow is an honored color in China, as it was a color that represented royalty in ancient China.

It is rare to see a pure yellow tourmaline, as the yellow tourmalines available on the market are generally a darker shade of yellow close to brown. Orange tourmaline is a little more reddish in color, not like an orange, and the line between orange tourmaline and orange-red tourmaline is sometimes not very clear, depending on which shade is heavier on the stone. In the marketplace orange tourmaline is generally listed separately, without being classified as yellow or red. Orange tourmalines are moderately priced on the market, and their color and texture are all relatively good.

Medium yellow tourmalines, which are extremely rare, are mainly found in Malawi in southern East Africa, where they have a pure yellow color with occasional hints of soft green hues. This beautiful yellow tourmaline, with its vibrant color and purity, shows only the most subtle green luster in its pure yellow color and has a delicate lemon aroma, making it one of the most valuable of the yellow tourmalines. Medium yellow tourmalines are extremely valuable and are now marketed below Paraiba, but well above these red and blue tourmalines.

2,Canary Yellow Tourmaline

The term canary yellow refers to a pure brilliant yellow color without any green, gray, brown, or other miscellaneous tones, and is as sweet and mellow and bright as a canary's feathers. It differs from the majority of yellow tourmalines found in the marketplace, which have a very pronounced brownish tinge.

True canary yellow tourmaline was not discovered until the fall of 2000 by hard-working and lucky miners. It was as much a surprise to people as the appearance of Paraiba Tourmaline in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, God's gift to man has always been rare, and Canary Yellow Tourmaline is currently found only in a small country in Africa and in very limited quantities, especially in the large carats where it is now available on the international market in even smaller quantities than Paraiba Tourmaline. ).

Because of this scarcity, canary yellow tourmaline can command much higher prices than Rubelite and Indicolite of comparable size and quality, but for the discerning collector, it is currently not as expensive as Paraiba Tourmaline and is a very desirable variety. It is a very desirable species.

3,Efficacy of Yellow Tourmaline

Efficacy of Yellow Tourmaline

The most representative effect of yellow tourmaline is that it helps the wearer to achieve official success and advancement. Yellow tourmaline is a popular choice for those in official positions. Yellow tourmaline is an aspirational stone of power and status, and its effects are unmatched by any other stone! Yellow tourmaline also has the ability to bring clarity and wisdom.

Yellow tourmaline also has the power and ability to ward off evil spirits and keep people safe, as well as the power and ability to provide health care. As a special and prestigious tourmaline, yellow tourmaline's most exciting effects are its powerful power and status-enhancing properties.

The warm, soft yellow glow of yellow tourmaline is a symbol of harmony, peace, and wealth. The main functions of colored yellow tourmaline are.

A1, The yellow color of yellow tourmaline corresponds to the sun chakra of the human body and is able to treat stomach disorders as well as the liver and intestines and other organs of the digestive system.

A2, Yellow gemstones are also wealth stones, bringing windfall and contributing to career success.

A3, Orange tourmaline corresponds to the navel chakra and can enhance one's vitality and body resistance.

4,Instructions for caring for yellow tourmaline

Instructions for caring for yellow tourmaline

Care instructions for yellow tourmaline:

(a) Tourmaline necklaces should be cleaned once a month as they will be stained with oil and sweat from the body.

(b) Avoid collisions when wearing tourmaline jewelry without borders or micro settings, and if you find any stones falling out, repair them promptly.

(c) When wearing tourmaline jewelry, it should be inspected once a month and repaired promptly if any inlay is loose.

(d) It is best not to wear tourmaline jewelry when playing sports or doing heavy work to avoid irreparable damage caused by rhyme collision.

(e) Do not place tourmaline jewelry in the same drawer as other crystal, amber, etc. jewelry to avoid wear and tear caused by mutual friction.

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