Which color of jade is most valuable?

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Which color of jade is most valuable?Jasper is the most common type of jade other than white jade. We all know that the color of Hotan jasper is broken down into several categories, and one of the most important elements of a jasper is its color. So, what is the best and most valuable color of Hotan jasper?

Which color of jade is most valuable?

What is the most valuable color of Hotan jasper?

Hetian jasper is oily, thick and heavy, mostly with black spots; Russian jasper is dry, with beautiful color, mostly with sugar; Mabey is dry, mostly with stone flowers; Sichuan Tuojiang Daqian jasper seed material, mostly without black spots, with positive color, thick, pure, icy and heavy, is the best jasper, the new favorite among jasper, but the production is small, hard to find and extremely valuable.

Hetian jade jasper color

1. Duck Egg Green jade

A greenish color similar to a duck's egg, with a light green and gray feel. It has a wide range of colors, because the range of "cyan" is originally wide, from greenish-gray to blue-gray, and from greenish-green to blueish-green. The "green with blue" is the best.

2、Pink green jade

Pink green jade

The color is like pinkish green, bright and delicate like spring grass after the rain. This color of jasper is very rare, and it is a little greener than the duck egg green color.

3、Apple green jade

Apple green jade

The color of green apples is bright and has a fresh feel. Slightly darker than pink-green, the green-apple-like color is fresh, inviting, and popular with young female jade lovers. As with pink-green, no large pieces are seen. Because the various colors of jasper do not exist alone, but rather in the same piece of jade, there is a tendency for lighter and darker colors to coexist, with a transition from lighter to darker colors, and the area occupied by pink and apple green in this transition is often very small.

4、Yang green jade

Yang green jade

Between apple green and spinach green, the color is bright, bright, emerald, sunlight is like jade like eye-catching, is an extremely attractive color of jasper.

5、Spinach green jade

Spinach green jade

Belonging to the summer color, as if the color of spinach leaves, green rich, giving people a sense of atmosphere, calm. Spinach green is also considered to be the best color in jasper. The closer the spinach green is to bright green, the higher the value. In the eyes of those who play with jade, the color of Hotan jasper can be classified from light to dark as spinach green, sun green, light green, duck egg green, water green, spicy green, old green, etc. Each piece of jewelry is different and has its own flavor. And the world will never find two identical pieces of jade to.


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