Red Coral

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Red coral:Our folk used to coral, pearl, agate and jade as four heirloom jewelry. What's more, in the qing dynasty, where the second grade civil and military officials top wear, are made of red coral, become a symbol of official status.

Red coral:Our folk used to coral

Red coral English name: Coral color: deep red, fire red mainly.Origin: Taiwan Strait, Japan Strait, Baltic Strait Effects: collection, ornamental, health value: extremely valuable.

1,Introduction of red coral

Introduction of red coral

Red coral color is pleasing, texture glittering. Red coral is an organic gemstone, growing in the deep sea from 100 to 2000 meters away from human beings. With pearl, amber and as three organic gemstones, in the Eastern Buddhist canon is also listed as one of the seven treasures, since ancient times that is regarded as a rich and auspicious things. Natural red coral is made of coral worm pile up, grow extremely slow, non-renewable, and red coral only grow in the three major straits (Taiwan Strait, Japan Strait, Baltic Strait), by the sea restrictions, so red coral is extremely valuable. Red coral made of jewelry, extremely popular with collectors, and fine red coral appreciation is very rapid, is valued by the collection community.

The English name of coral is Coral, from Latin. The ancient Romans believed that coral has the function of preventing calamity, giving wisdom, stopping bleeding and repelling heat.

In ancient China, red coral is regarded as auspicious and happy things, on behalf of noble power, so also known as "Rui Bao", is a symbol of happiness and eternity. Famous coral connoisseur weekend said: "coral, the sea genie." Indians think: "precious coral for the mother of the earth." The emperor of Japan also regard red coral as its national essence. From the ancient and modern history, red coral has a lofty status. The Qing dynasty second-ranking official to wear the top of the hat and the court bead system made of precious red coral; Tibetan lamas and monks more than hold red coral made of rosary beads. Now precious red coral quantity is scarce, it is not easy to get, especially up to two feet above the coral tree is more rare. In the current, the importance of coral is also gradually recognized. Due to the rarity and non-renewable nature of coral, make it very collectible. Natural red coral jewelry more by people's favorite.

2,Red coral price trend

Red coral price trend

Red coral by coral worm pile up, similar to pearl, but much longer than the pearl growth cycle, grow in 200 meters to 2000 meters of the sea depths, and non-renewable. It only grows in our country Taiwan strait, Japan strait, the Baltic Sea, extremely precious, the Romans called it "red gold", is listed as one of the seven Buddhist treasures, more "gemstones in the only living thousand years of spiritual things" reputation. Today let us analyze the trend and factors affecting the price of red coral.

Due to the limited production, the price of red coral has been rising in recent years, in recent years, but also with its unique mysterious temperament, in the major auctions to shoot high prices, by more and more collectors of enthusiasts. From the end of last year to the present, red coral simply up crazy, 40%-60% increase equivalent to the previous two full years of increase.

Red coral mainly divided into top AKA level, ordinary AKA level and ordinary MOMO level, in less than a year, the top AKA level red coral price per gram from 6000 to 8000 yuan, rose to 18000 to 20000 yuan; ordinary A level from last year's 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan, rose to the current 6000 yuan to 8000 yuan; ordinary MOMO level also from last year's 800 yuan, rose to more than 1000 yuan now.

From the appearance, red coral red is also divided into many levels, there are deep red, peach, pink and other colors, the darker the color the more valuable. The more red the coral, the higher the density, the bigger the better. There is occasionally black coral in the deep sea, it is also classified in the gemstone world in the red coral category, called black red coral. Black red coral is rarer and more valuable than red coral, but some people don't like it as much because it doesn't look very pretty.

Lay people think red coral the more red the more valuable, in fact, affect the value of red coral in addition to color there are many factors, volume size is color outside the most important basis for determining the price of coral.

With the growth of coral volume, its price presents a geometric progression trend. A dozen centimeters high, weight in more than 500 grams of red coral tree price is about tens of thousands of dollars, while a 30 cm high, weight up to 1000 grams of red coral tree, can be sold to 100,000 yuan.

The growth rate of red coral is far from the speed of mining, as the number of red coral is getting less and less, red coral collection future appreciation space is still very large. If you expect future appreciation, it is best to choose the complete coral tree or carved ornaments.

The whole red coral tree a few years ago is still sometimes seen, now has been rare but not available. Good color, carving fine, some years of the ornaments, is only in the art auction, some quality red coral ring face although the particles are not large, but also worth a lot of money.

3,Red coral identification method

Red coral identification method

A, look at the texture. Red coral have parallel and coral growth direction of the longitudinal pattern, and row more closely. In addition to the red coral cross-section has like a tree's annual rings like the ring pattern, in the naked eye identification to pay attention to see these two textures two, see the color. The color of red coral is a vivid and vivid red, whether it is shallow or deep, it is alive, not dead, not depressed! And red coral with bright waxy luster, and dyed red coral no luster, the color is also depressed dead sink.

Third, listen to the sound. Really coral looks delicate but have crisp and hard sound when colliding with each other. General plastic or other imitation of coral will not appear this hard and crisp sound. This sound in the branch coral embodies especially obvious!

Four, weighing weight. Coral has a good sense of weight, generally placed in the palm of the hand will give its delicate sense does not match the heavy feeling, this weight is also one of the basis for identifying red coral and some inferior imitation products!

Five, natural coral and dyeing coral identification: dyeing coral is usually with organic dyes will be white coral dyed red and other colors, identification features are dye in the fissure enrichment, and external color deep internal color shallow, the surface is not the same, with acetone dipped cotton stick application, cotton will be dyed.

Six, natural coral and imitation of the identification: coral imitation common dyed marble, red glass, red plastic, calcite powder with dyes do "gilsonian coral". These imitations do not have natural red coral internal structure, look carefully at the grain can be identified; stained marble granular structure, dye in mineral particles enriched, with acetone test can be answered; red glass type can be made very similar, occasionally see bubbles, from the hardness, glass than coral, and with hydrochloric acid does not react; red plastic density is small generally below 1.55, heating smell, and Hydrochloric acid does not react; and the density of gilsonian coral is 2.45.

4,Red coral identification misconceptions

Red coral identification misconceptions

A, the real red coral is no white core  

Wrong: aka red coral are white core, so aka red coral will only be made into egg surface, and spherical, used to set rings and do pendants, or is set with the original branch, generally will not be made into beads.

Second, there are growth pattern of coral are red coral, no pattern of coral are not red coral.  

Wrong: sea bamboo dyed red coral also has growth pattern, and red coral is different, sea bamboo grain is very thick, very sparse, easy to see, is radiating pattern, this point will be used by crooks, said "red coral are grain, you see how obvious ah" and the opposite, satin red coral texture is not observed by the naked eye.

Three, red coral are red  

Wrong: red coral is a species, red coral in the process of growth, absorbed iron is red, if it happens to absorb nothing, is white, white red coral is very rare, the market is absolutely rare.

Fourth, use alcohol to apply dyed coral surface will lose color  

Wrong: this do not know how many people to mislead, I used alcohol soaked dyed red coral a day and night also did not lose color, and I used 84, also soaked, also do not lose color. Smash open the fake look inside, also is red, see how good the dyeing technology is now.

Five, in addition, red coral because of the thin long branch, will only be made into: 1. beads; 2. egg surface, spherical; 3. pendants, pendants, corsages; 4. carved ornaments, the original branch ornaments. In addition, red coral pendants are hand-carved, finely carved, and fake red coral, please carving master labor are not cost-effective, so the dyeing of fake red coral pendants is relatively small, generally fake are beads.

Six, the price of red coral is actually more transparent, the heavier the more expensive, satin in 200-300/gram, general Momo in 250-500/gram. Aka in between 500-4000, the bigger the thing the more expensive, if the price is much lower than I said, then, you are not picking up the leak, is to buy a fake.

5,The role of red coral

The role of red coral

Coral is a treasure in people's minds. Liaozhai" there is a "Rakshasa sea market", about a merchant surnamed Ma, lucky to the dragon palace and marriage with the dragon lady, the wedding bed is actually coral system. Three years later, the dragon lady sent a pair of sons and daughters to earth to meet their father. The son grew up, but also with his mother under the sea, often come and go. The daughter, however, lost this divine power, often alone in tears. After the mother knew, the heart can not bear, will personally visit the earth, gave the daughter a lot of treasures among them, there is an eight-foot coral tree. Coral is now often treasured, ornamental, of course, these are very small coral, absolutely can not have eight feet high.

Coral in addition to people ornamental, or a kind of medicine. Coral is often born on the reef of the sea floor, for the peach coral and other coral insects secreted by the limestone skeleton, now as a medicinal herbs are mostly taken from the remnants of the production of artifacts broken pieces. The composition of coral is mainly calcium carbonate, the herb will be washed and dried, and then finely ground into medicine. Its function is to remove the cataracts and brighten the eyes, and calm the mind and calm the fright. It is mainly used to treat cataracts of the eyes, epilepsy and epistaxis.

For children with cataracts and blurred vision, grind coral finely as powder and apply it to the affected area as large as millet once a day. For the treatment of heart and lung fever and epistaxis, take red coral, grind it as fine as powder, and take it as a mixture with lily boiled into a paste for two minutes per dose. For the treatment of heart and mind anxiety, epilepsy and stroke, big red coral, amber, pearl 3 grams each, ginseng, atractylodes, angelica, biliary star 9 grams each, research very fine powder, 3 grams per dose, dengxin soup mix down.

Coral is mainly produced in Fujian, Guangdong and other coastal areas, the color has red, lead color, etc., there are also black coral. But we clinically, only red coral as medicine, other colors of coral can only be used for ornamental purposes.

6,Red coral bracelet how to pick

Red coral bracelet how to pick

Red coral since ancient times is a symbol of good luck in ancient times due to mining difficulties, red coral is a very precious stone, only the king and lord have, nowadays technology development, red coral has been able to enter the ordinary people's home red coral with its rich and not fickle red, that red coral bracelet to how to pick it?

First of all we have to distinguish from the color, the more pure the color of red coral, the higher the price must be.

Secondly look at the size, the more pure color, the more diameter to, the price is certainly the higher, this many friends will say 5mm red coral price is about 2,000, but to 7mm above the price to tens of thousands, this difference is not too big, indeed, the larger the diameter of red coral, the rarer, the price also rose a lot.

Once again to see the character of, the surface of the bracelet month clean, no wormhole, the price must also be high!

In the purchase of red coral in addition to the size, quality and color, the red coral design style is also very important to choose!

7,Red coral maintenance and purification method

Red coral maintenance and purification method

Seven steps to teach you the red coral maintenance and purification method.

Maintenance of red coral.

A1, please prevent heavy hitting, bumping, prevent the gem from falling damage.

A2, please prevent touching chemicals, acid, alkaline liquid and perfume, etc.

A3, please use a soft cloth to scrub after each use for proper storage.

A4, please often soak water, oil, always keep "bright and bright";.

A5, please often wear coral jewelry, so that it is in harmony with the spirituality of people;.

A6, please have more than one piece of coral jewelry according to the season interchangeable, to ensure that "bright as new" effect;.

A7, no inlay red coral collar, bracelet, pendant chain worn close to the body all year round is the best blood health care sacred products.

Red coral purification methods.

A1, take out the bracelet which needs to purify.

A2, each bracelet or pendant with 10 grams of imperial salt.

A3, if the special purification bowl does not need to account for the amount of water, if it is the use of the usual glass bowl, porcelain bowl at home, the need to increase the share of 500 grams of water per bracelet. The water does not have to be mineral water, pure water, but the usual tap water. This is due to the strong purification ability of the imperial salt, which is much higher than the crystal cave and so on, so there is no need to have strict requirements for demagnetization supplies;.

A4, if you need to pray for blessings, such as asking for money, marriage, etc., after completing the previous step, take out the "Oshou Xuan" also called Oshou paper, Oshou Xuan has a seal on the side to write their own lunar birthday, hope. The paper is placed in a container. The paper can be folded. If you do not need to pray, directly follow step 5 can be.

A5, put the bracelet in the prepared bowl, if there is a container with the Oshu paper for wishing, put the bracelet on the paper and pour in water. If there is something to filter, it is best to put the gosho salt in the filter and put the filter into the water afterwards. The use of filter stuff is to avoid impurities and dust particles scratching the tiger crystal.

A6. Wait 24 hours for the demagnetization to finish. The waiting time can be longer than 24 hours, but not shorter than 24 hours.

A7, will purify the brine used to pour out, will take out the gosho paper to dry, and then burn.

Note: red coral demagnetization once can take 1 to 3 months in succession. There is no harm to demagnetize frequently. Gosho salt is not sea salt, coarse salt, big salt, just get processed from the sea. So there is no corrosive effect on natural red coral.

8,Red coral origin distribution and variety

Red coral origin distribution and variety

Red coral is a beautiful organic class gemstone, and most common coral from the deep sea, mainly from 200 to 2000 meters of the sea floor. Because the number of coral in the world is greatly reduced because of pollution and other problems, so many countries and regions in the world have listed the coral as a protected animal, prohibit the destruction and mining of coral. So where exactly does the red coral on the market come from?

The world's most important deep-sea red coral origin is mainly distributed in three areas, the first is China's Taiwan waters, Japan's southern islands, including the Ryukyu Islands; one is the Hawaiian Islands around the sea and the Midway Islands waters; and one is the Mediterranean coast, to the southern waters of the Italian peninsula. These places of the sea floor are distributed with submarine volcanoes, volcanic activity bit the sea floor brought a lot of nutrients, conducive to the growth of deep-sea red coral.

The color of red coral is various, there are deep red, ochre red, peach red, flesh red, pink, orange, creamy yellow, milky white and so on. The industry recognized red coral color range.

One: AKA, dark red, deep red, the highest value, mostly from Japan and Taiwan.

Two: Sardine, bright red, common in the market positive red, mostly from Italy.

Two: MOMO, peach / orange-red.

Three: ANGEL SKIN pink (often referred to as the child's face, also known as angel skin).

Four: pink and white, white.

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