Peach Coral

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Peach-colored coral:In the tropical shallow sea area, there are a variety of styles and colors of coral, they are like dense honeycomb, some like a cluster of Ganoderma, some as the forest mushrooms, these thousands of colorful coral skeleton constitutes an ingenious underwater garden, peach coral is one of the most rare members.

Peach-colored coral kingdom: animal kingdom phylum: coelenterata.Phylum: coral worm order: willow coral order genus: red coral genus.

1,Peach coral introduction

Peach coral introduction

Peach-colored coral introduction_Peach-colored coral morphological characteristics_Peach-colored coral distribution_Peach-colored coral identification
Red coral family. China will red coral family in the red coral genus all species are listed as national I level protection animals, but so far in this genus only found peach coral 1 species distribution in our territorial waters.

Peach coral is rich in color and often changes, it is distributed in the sea near southern Japan and Taiwan, and is the most productive species among all gem corals. And it contains a kind of light pink species, named ANGEL SKIN Angel's skin, the current production is very rare and very precious.

2,Peach color coral morphological characteristics

Peach color coral morphological characteristics

Each coral worm has 8 feathery tentacles, its oral tract has 1 oral tract groove, the digestive cavity has 8 septa, is the body wall of the endoderm and mesocolloid layer to the cavity extension and formed, the lower part of the septa free, free edge has curved fat septal filaments. Each septum is equally spaced, separating the digestive cavity into eight small chambers, each of which communicates with the inner cavity of the plumose tentacles.

The ectodermal cells of the peach-colored coral can move into the mesocolonial layer to secrete calcareous bone needles or bone fragments, and the bone fragments or bone needles fuse with each other to form the median skeleton. Its group skeleton because of the dense texture, beautiful shape, bright color, so it is often used as a gemstone, as a family ornament, or carved into a great ornamental value of various decorative items.

3,Peach coral distribution

Peach coral distribution

Peach color coral introduction_Peach color coral morphological characteristics_Peach color coral distribution_Peach color coral identification
Peach coral in China is produced in Taiwan coast, because its body color peach red and named. Like other corals, also inhabits in shallow sea, especially like to grow in fast flowing, high temperature, relatively quiet warm sea area, by countless single living together, most of them attached to a certain substrate in a group way, living a fixed life, the shape as branches strong hair of small trees. Although the coral polyps seem to exist independently, but all the living coral polyps in the community have a common flesh connected between the digestive cavity, if some of these individuals are injured or no bait to feed, excessive hunger, then the whole community to be affected.

4,Peach color coral identification

Peach color coral identification

Ancient and modern, many people believe that coral is a plant, because not only its group shape is cool like plants, and fixed growth, will not move. Many of our ancient books have coral "or born in the mountains, or born in the sea", "coral born under the sea as branches ke", "coral through and born, years high two, three feet, there are branches without leaves" and other records In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" will be classified as a mineral.

In foreign countries, people have also been coral tentacles as flowers, even when scientists discovered the animal characteristics of coral, still think that its skeletal parts are plant-based. In fact, coral does not digest inorganic substances, so it is not a plant, but belongs to coelenterates. Each of its single body, called coral worm, has a relatively simple structure, with a radially symmetrical body shape and a cavity inside the body with digestion and circulation, called digestive cavity or digestive circulation cavity. The body wall is composed of two layers of cells, as if a double pocket, the surface layer of the body for the ectoderm, the cells have a protective and sensory function, the inner layer for the endoderm, mainly with nutritional functions, between the two layers of cells for the mesocosm. Digestive cavity only at the top of an oval hole, as food zooplankton, animal larvae, etc. This enters the body cavity digestion, so it is called the oral tract; digestion of the remaining residue and excretion from this hole, so it is also the anus, this mouth and anus are not separate features, indicating that it is still a lower animal. The oral canal is surrounded by a circle of ciliated tentacles, shaped like a daisy, which can catch food or vibrate to cause water to flow into the mouth and digestive cavity. The coelenterates were the beginning of true multicellular animals, and the cells of the coral polyps had begun to differentiate into simple tissues and had a primitive muscular structure and a primitive nervous system. It also has a bizarre stinging cells, is a unique coelenterate offensive and defensive weapons, all over the body surface, especially in the tentacles especially more, the stinging cells are filled with liquid titin capsules and spiral filaments, when stimulated, the filaments turn outward, as the fingertips of the glove from the inside out, and will shoot toxins into the sting to prey or invaders, so that they anesthetize or kill.

5,Peach colored coral reproductive methods

Peach colored coral reproductive methods

Peach color coral introduction_Peach color coral morphological characteristics_Peach color coral distribution_Peach color coral identification
Coral reproduction has two ways, sexual reproduction is the coral polyps through the digestive cavity of the septum on the ovary and spermatophore to produce sperm and eggs, fertilized eggs in the digestive cavity to develop into ciliated floating larvae, and then go out to swim freely, after fixation to form a new colony of the first coral polyps. Coral population growth is mainly by asexual reproduction, in the outside of the community like trees sprouting sprouts, each sprout and become a new coral insects, so constantly growing, the formation of interlinked, common life of the community.

6,Peach color coral value

Peach color coral value

Coral not only has important scientific value and ornamental value, but also can provide humans with medical and medicinal value of the substance. Recent research shows that coral contains a lot of anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-filtering virus and treatment of difficult diseases of special substances. The red alginate extracted from coral organisms can be used to diagnose chorea. The porous limestone skeleton of coral is expected to become human bone graft material. In addition, coral produces a natural shading agent and its hard skeleton can be mined as masonry or burned lime.

Related medicinal materials

Source】It is the limestone bone secreted by coral insects, such as Isophoraceae, peach-colored coral.

Effects】Effective in removing cataracts and brightening the eyes, calming the mind and calming the spirit.

Indications】Treats eye opacities, epilepsy, epistaxis.

Taste and Attribution】The Tang Materia Medica: "Taste sweet, flat, non-toxic."

Usage and Dosage】For internal use: grind and powder, 1-2 points. For external use: grind finely and dot the eyes.

Flora and fauna distribution】Distribution of Taiwan and the southern coast. Mainly produced in Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Xisha Islands and other places.

Harvesting and Storage of Medicinal Herbs】Harvesting with a net by draping into the bottom of the sea. Mostly taken from the residual pieces of craftwork for medicinal use.

Latin Name】CoralliumJaponicumKishinouye

【Constitution Method】Wash and dry, then grind into fine powder.

[testimony] from the "Tang Ben Cao" ① "Ben Cao Yan Yi": "coral, there is a first-class red oil color, there are fine longitudinal lines, lovely; and another as lead Dan color, no longitudinal lines, for the next. Used in medicine with red oil color. ② "Compendium": "coral under the sea, five or seven plants into a forest, called coral forest. Red is the top; also have black, not good; turquoise is also good. In the past, people called the blue for the blue Lang J."

[Raw Herb Identification] The intact ones are like small trees. Generally have broken into short rod-shaped, 2-3 cm long, 3-5 mm in diameter. There are branches or small protrusions, surrounded by many small holes, red. Hard texture like porcelain, not easy to break. Odor and taste are absent. Both inside and outside the red, weight, brittle and thick is better.

[Chinese medicine chemical composition] contains calcium carbonate, etc.

7,Peach color coral risk factors

Peach color coral risk factors

Coral reefs are extremely vulnerable to damage due to climate change, pollution and human activities, and thus are the most threatened ecosystems in the world. Many countries' coastal fishermen only use coral reefs as food market and material market without any care, the dense coastal population and economic development, as well as shipping, fishing, oil extraction, tilting a large amount of sediment, etc. have caused great damage to coral reefs.

In addition, coral has become a part of the international trade for its own ornamental value, resulting in 1.5 million kilograms of coral being harvested each year. Humans have directly or indirectly destroyed 5% to 10% of the world's coral reefs, if no measures are taken, according to the current rate of destruction, in the next 50 years, most of the world's coral reefs will disappear and become "desertification" of the sea floor.

8,Peach color coral protection measures

Peach color coral protection measures

Many countries have taken different degrees of measures, the international coral trade has been limited, there are seven coral reefs are listed as world heritage and better protected, the World Bank also has some funds for the protection of coral reefs. But these are not enough, the world must also work together to improve the quality of seawater to reduce the erosion of coral reefs.

In addition, destructive fishing practices must be abandoned, and conservation tourism must be implemented to create public awareness among coastal fishermen, promote proper fishing practices and encourage conservation tourism to generate income so that they see the reefs as an important ecosystem and source of income, not just a beautiful underwater scenery.

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