Myanmar White Jade

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Burmese white jade is a type of hard jade, with a pure white color, crystal clear, warm and moist like jade, geological also known as "ice"; mineral organization into a fish scale arrangement, high luster.

Burmese white jade is a type of hard jade

Myanmar white jade Texture: warm and moist like jade Color: white.Hardness: 7 Luster: High Origin: Central Myanmar.

1.What is Burmese white jade?

What is Burmese white jade

Burmese white jade is produced from a special ore in the mountains of Wacheng, an ancient city in central Burma, a sacred Buddhist country. Formed more than 200 million years ago, it is a type of hard jade with a pure white color, crystal clear and warm like jade, geologically also known as "ice"; the minerals are arranged in a fish scale and have a high luster. It has a fine density of about 8,000 mesh and a hardness of 7 degrees on the Mohs scale. The specific gravity of Chinese white jade is (3.8T/cubic: 1.8T/cubic)

2.Burma white jade price

Burma white jade price

The price of Burmese white jade is influenced by numerous factors, such as quality, time, quantity of raw materials, and market demand. As a whole, the factors affecting the price of Burmese white jade include two aspects: first, the supply of Burmese white jade raw materials; second, the demand for Burmese white jade.

Burmese white jade is a non-renewable resource, and as humans continue to exploit it, the number of resources is decreasing, and the rate of decrease is accelerating, so from the overall situation, the price of Burmese white jade is almost on a fluctuating curve, whether it is the larger audience jade or the relatively poor quality of water foam jade or tree jade prices are on the rise. The supply of Burmese white jade has a much greater impact on the price of Burmese white jade than any other factor, and is a long-term, stable influence. As early as a decade or two ago, the price of green jade quality seed material was not very high, colorless quality seed jade raw materials almost no one asked for, the price was extremely low, but now in the era of the sharp decline in jadeite raw materials, the early insignificant colorless glass jade, ice jade prices also soared rapidly, seemingly unexpectedly. The overall price situation for tree-jade is much the same, as Burma's high-quality tree-jade was basically a few dollars a kilo when it first entered China, but when Burma's tree-jade was accepted by the market, the amount of Burma's tree-jade production continued to decrease and mining became more difficult, and with it, its price was surprisingly high, soaring to several hundred dollars, or even several thousand dollars a kilo.

The market demand for Burmese white jade also has a large impact on the price of Burmese white jade, an impact that shows an upward trend in the long term, but a rise and a smaller decline in the short term. The majority of Burmese white jade is supplied to China, which has a jade culture of thousands of years. China is a developing country with a strong economy and the quality of life has improved greatly, so the demand for Burmese white jade is rising and the overall price is bound to rise when raw materials are in short supply. However, the people's demand for Burmese white jade is affected by the global or domestic short-term economic situation, and there is often a shortage of consumption in the short term, at which time the price of Burmese white jade will make appropriate adjustments and lower its price appropriately, but because of the lack of supply of Burmese white jade, the rate of reduction will be small and the price will soon be adjusted back before the economic recovery.

3.Burmese White Jade Origin

Burmese White Jade Origin

Burmese white jade is produced exclusively in a 1.2 square kilometer mine in Wacheng, Burma, and there are not many resources in the world.

According to Buddhist scriptures, in 540 B.C., Shakyamuni Buddha came to Wacheng, Burma, to say something and saw that the local independent white jade was soaring, surrounded by auspicious light and spiritual emergence; its embodiment of beauty, nobility and spirituality, will bring people unspeakable Rui Xing and peace. It is also known as the "Buddha Jade" because it is the jade used to carve Buddha statues. It was chosen as the best material for Buddha statue carving.

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