Jade bracelet

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Hetian jade is one of the four famous jade objects. In a narrow sense, Hetian jade is Xinjiang Hetian jade. In a broader sense, any stone composed of 98% tremolite will be called Hetian jade, and Hetian jade is gradually becoming a product name.

The exquisite bracelets made of Hetian jade are very popular. Hetian jade has different compositions and different colors. So what color is better for Hotan jade bracelets?

Green jade bracelet: In the Hotan jade market, we can see that most of the green jade bracelets are from Qinghai green jade. The color of Hetian green jade bracelet is very light, dull and more introverted and calm than jasper. Green jade with turquoise color is the most precious, and pure green color is good. If it is poorer then it is grayish-cyan. The main component of green jade is tremolite, which has a single, evenly arranged particle composition and has good oiliness and delicacy. In terms of resources, lapis lazuli is abundant and therefore always cheap. Although the price is not high, there are many good materials in terms of quality. Green jade bracelets have fine jade quality and uniform color, and the future value of the collection is not bad.

Jasper bracelet: Jasper bracelets are the first choice for many beautiful women with their vibrant colors. If you want to choose a jasper bracelet, you should pay attention to its color. Spinach green is the best for its vividness. The others are apple green, sun green and duck egg green. In jasper bracelets, the most common is black spots and other defects include cracks, so it is considered that jasper bracelets with even and vivid color and no black spots and cracks are definitely the best.

Jasper jade is like a landscape painting. It has an elegant quality and gives a sense of mystery. Choosing a lapis lazuli bracelet should also pay attention to its color. Its color should be divided into black as night and white as day. Such color boundaries are arbitrary, like the atmosphere of a Chinese landscape painting.

Topaz bracelet: The yellow color varies from light yellow to dark yellow. Common topaz colors are chestnut yellow, okra yellow, yellow flower yellow, egg yellow, tiger skin yellow, etc. It is more difficult to find topaz than mutton fat white jade. Topaz bracelets are very valuable in the market. They are classified into different grades according to color and texture and are priced differently. Color and purity are two important indicators of the price of a topaz bracelet.

Ink jade bracelets: Ink jade bracelets are black and give a thick feeling, so it is natural that the more intense its color is, the better. Although the color of ink jade bracelet is very thick, but its luster belongs to the oil moist and translucent.

Sugar jade bracelet: High quality Xinjiang Hetian jade sugar jade bracelet is not common in the market, so many people who love jade are not familiar with Hetian jade. Sugar jade is formed in primary minerals. Sugar jade may be found in a variety of jade seeds or mountain material. It is a percolation of various colors of jade in Hotan jade. Because the base of sugar jade is formed by percolation, the time of percolation varies, so the sugar color is bound to vary greatly.

White jade bracelet: White jade is the most popular type of Hotan jade. White represents purity and nobility. The price of Hetian seed bracelet must be very expensive. The best way to identify seed bracelets is to observe the skin. Nowadays seed bracelets will leave a piece of skin to determine if the real seed bracelet is real. Now there is also a partial case of skin making, the bracelet can be identified on that piece of skin.

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