Imperial Green Jadeite

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Imperial Green Jadeite

Imperial green jadeite, the green color is correct, colorful, and emerald green, feel green in the blue tone, but not off-color. The green color of imperial green jadeite is the best color of jadeite, the highest value of green, also known as "emerald green", give people a sense of noble beauty.

Imperial green jadeite

Imperial green jadeite Alias: emerald jadeite Color: emerald green.Hardness: 6.5-7 Transparency: opaque to translucent Value: high.

1,What is the imperial green jadeite?

King green jadeite also known as "emerald jadeite", is the green tone is very pure, very rich green jadeite, king green jadeite color like the color of emerald, the tone is closest to the spectrum of green, king green jadeite green is very rich, unique, is the most pure green color, there is a kind of green as if almost dripping out of That kind of feeling, and feel green in a slightly blue tone, but not parti-colored, giving people a sense of the beauty of gravity and nobility. In the daylight shows a kind of solid lake green, at first glance almost like a lake blue, in the strong light under the emerald green.

What is the imperial green jadeite

2,Jadeite green price

In nature, there are many green jadeite, but the jadeite can reach the king green in nature is very rare, plus the jadeite industry has always believed that the king green is the best color jadeite, so the king green jadeite belongs to the very best jadeite, the price is very expensive.

In the traditional Chinese jade culture, jadeite is the green color is respected, that this green pure emerald green is the best color in jadeite. Perhaps because the emerald green in jadeite is very rare and pure green emerald green is the best color of jadeite, as noble and rare as the emperor, so people will this green emerald green jadeite respected as "emperor green jadeite".

The emerald green jadeite is common in the glass jadeite, of course, ice jadeite and glutinous jadeite also has the emerald green jadeite, in the market, we can see the emerald green jadeite are generally emerald green jadeite ring, emerald green jadeite bracelet and some small flower pieces, each emerald green jadeite is the best jadeite, are popular jadeite consumers esteem, but the price of emerald green jadeite is also very high, sometimes A glass emerald green ring face can be sold for more than one million yuan.

The imperial green jadeite has always been recognized as the best color green jadeite industry, the imperial green jadeite is also the highest value of jadeite, because of the rarity of the imperial green jadeite, precious and its unique and rich green beauty, so the price of the imperial green jadeite are very high, and in recent years, the price of the imperial green jadeite has been constantly rising. And the emperor green jadeite green pure, its price than the general emerald green jadeite, apple green jadeite and other jadeite prices are much higher, you can say that the emperor green jadeite in all colors of jadeite price is the highest.

The price of imperial green jadeite is very high, the value of imperial green jadeite is not only reflected in its rarity, precious, there are many times need to consider the imperial green jadeite itself embodies a life, life and noble cultural values. The emperor green jadeite, the price of the emperor green jadeite bracelet is undoubtedly the highest, because it can be made into the emperor green jadeite bracelet is more rare and precious; and the emperor green jadeite can be priced by grams, the heavier the weight, the larger the material the higher the price of the emperor green jadeite, in addition, the larger the area of the emperor green color jadeite its price is also higher.

The value of imperial green jadeite is generally considered by the value of the jadeite itself plus the cultural value of its embodiment combined, in more than a decade ago, the price of imperial green jadeite has been very high, such as: in 1997, a string of glass full green round bead necklace in Hong Kong auction to a high price of 75 million Hong Kong dollars. In recent years, with the jadeite raw materials continue to reduce, the market is increasingly difficult to see the imperial green jadeite, and with the purchasing power of the people continue to enhance, the price of imperial green jadeite is still climbing.

3,Jadeite jade identification

The emperor green means a unique color, the emperor green is very green very green, green flowing kind of oil, on the fast drip out of that, you look at the emperor green will feel that green, the emperor even city but the best color, many jadeite is precisely its emperor green is worth a lot of money.

Jadeite green name is too complex, and a variety of jewelry trade commonly used "thick, Yang, playful, positive, and light, Yin, old, evil, flower" ten words to evaluate, can be called the crossword.

The word "strong" refers to the dark green color without black. The opposite is "light", referring to the light green color, showing weakness.

"Yang" refers to bright and vivid colors. The opposite is "yin", meaning that the green color is dim and stagnant. Yang green, even if lighter, is also fresh and attractive. Yin green even if deep and thick, but also unpopular.

"Pretty" means that the green color looks beautiful and crystal. The opposite is "old", that is, the green appears bland and dull.

"Right" means that the green color is bright and pure. On the contrary, green with yellow, green, blue, gray, black and other colors are "evil". The value of the evil color is obviously reduced, especially pay attention to the difference between the subtle evil color.

"And" refers to the meaning of green uniformity and not flowers. If the green is filigree or have scattered points, scattered blocks is "flower", will affect the value of jade or jade to varying degrees.

4,Jadeite green value

Jadeite is one of the most precious gemstones in the world, not only loved by Chinese people, even foreigners are attracted by it. Because the imperial green jadeite is very precious, so, not many people have seen the real imperial green jadeite, many people's understanding of the imperial green jadeite is limited to its intense color and expensive price, but do not know other aspects of the imperial green jadeite.

In fact, in the early days, emerald was a name given to a gemstone when the color in the jadeite was very similar to that of the emerald gemstone, and the insiders referred to such jadeite as emerald jadeite. The color tone of emerald gemstones is roughly divided into two shades, one slightly blueish and the other slightly yellowish. Therefore, the color tones of emerald jadeite named after "emerald jadeite" will also appear in slightly yellowish and slightly blueish tones. But in many jadeite literature or information only with yellow tone of green jadeite understanding for emerald jadeite, such jadeite and the traditional understanding of the emperor green jadeite is very close, but in fact emerald jadeite also includes shades of blue green jadeite.

Green jadeite, the green color of the "thick, Yang, positive, and", where the "positive" is the degree of green purity, green jadeite has a very pure green jadeite, imperial green jadeite precisely condensed "thick, Yang, positive, and and" and so on many characteristics, so is called jadeite in the king.

At present, Myanmar jadeite mine mining out of jadeite green chance is very small, but in the past, like the Qing Dynasty or the Republic of China, mining out of jadeite green is generally tribute to the princes and nobles or dignitaries, like the Qing Dynasty's Empress Dowager Cixi, the Republic of China's Ms. Song Qingling all like to wear jadeite jewelry. So like before had a certain historical celebrity wearing the imperial green jadeite jewelry, its value is higher, many times as an ancient jade to collect.

5,Jadeite green jade selection

The imperial green jadeite is one of the rare and very expensive varieties of jadeite, the value is very high, so in the purchase of imperial green jadeite should be very careful. Generally speaking, in some ordinary jade market and some small-scale jewelry store almost will not have the emperor green jade sales, so if really in some small-scale jade market to see the emperor green jade, to pay attention to the identification of the true and false, not the color is very green Australian jade as the emperor green jade, the color is very green Australian jade appearance looks very similar to the emperor green jade, but the density of Australian jade is small, hold in the hand It doesn't have the same feeling as jadeite. In addition, we should also pay attention to identify some of the artificial green glass used to imitate the green jadeite, and some artificial green film jadeite, this film jadeite itself is colorless or light-colored jadeite, by covering the green film, so that the jadeite color more green. So in the purchase of imperial green jadeite, to pay attention to identification, but also ask the businessman to show by the formal national jewelry appraisal agency's certificate of identification.

The emperor green jadeite itself is expensive, more valuable than gold and silver and retains its value, so the emperor green jadeite can also be used as a collection and investment, but in the purchase of the emperor green jadeite, pay attention to the jadeite seed water, color and internal flaws, etc., the better the seed water of the emperor green jadeite, more set off the beauty of the color, the value is also higher; In addition, when buying, do not take other shades of green as the emperor green, such as Some emerald green jadeite and apple green jadeite, color some close to the emperor green, but they are very big price difference with the emperor green jadeite between. Finally, the less internal imperial green jadeite flaws, the higher the value, the more precious, internal flaws on the value of imperial green jadeite is very big, such as imperial green jadeite bracelet, if the imperial green jadeite bracelet has cracks, the price will be sent down a lot.

In a word, we should consider the imperial green jadeite itself and cultural value, combined with the jadeite seed water color and internal flaws to evaluate the imperial green jadeite.

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