Broad Green Jade recommendation

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Broad Green Jade recommendation

Broad Green Jade:A kind of altered sericite jade. Produced in Guangning County, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, it is predominantly dark green in color and has a fine jade-like texture, also known as Guangdong green. The warm, cryptocrystalline masses can be used to make fine jade. Pure green, light yellow, creamy white, and green in yellow are the best, while light green, turquoise, and dark green varieties with uniform and pure colors are the most popular; varieties with green in white, green in yellow, red in yellow, or green stripes in white are also popular. Especially the ones with pearl luster and silk luster are more suitable for making handicrafts. In the past 30 years, it has been sold to Japan, the United States and other places.

Wide green jade Alias: Guangdong green Color: green

Hardness: 2.5-3 Transparency: opaque to translucent Origin: Guangning County, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong


Features of Green Jade

1,What is Guangdong green stone

Guangdong chlorite is an aluminosilicate mineral, which is a kind of mica jade, and contains a small amount of apatite, rutile, albite and so on, in addition to the main hydrous white mica.

It has a dense blocky structure, fine texture, hardness 2.5~3, density 2.7~3.2g/cm3. It shows greasy luster, waxy luster, silky luster, slightly transparent to translucent or opaque.

The main colors are green, yellow, white, black, gray, but also red, brown, purple and other colors. There are endless variations in color tones, especially in green. There are often multiple colors coexisting on a single stone.

2,Price of green jade

Price of Guangdong Green Jade

Price of green jade

As one of the five famous stones in China, Guangdong green jade stone, the current market price is generally undervalued. It is revealed that the "Guangdong Local Standard (Guangdong Green Jade)" and "Guangdong Green Jade Geographical Indication Product Protection" will be introduced soon, and the market price of Guangdong Green Jade is expected to double in the next two years.

Ancient seals and new frozen stones are hot spots for collection

Guangdong green jade stone is produced in Guangning County, Guangdong, and the collection is concentrated in two categories: ancient seals and new modern products. Among them, Guangdong green ancient seals of the Qing Dynasty are the most valuable, and the Guang green jade seals engraved by famous artists from the Qianlong to the Republic of China are sought after by collectors, while the Guangdong green seals of Qi Baishi and the famous artists of the Xiling Printing Society are hot spots for collection.

The new collection has a wide range of categories. Currently, there are 60-70 varieties of green jade, with frozen stone as the top quality, of which "green jelly of Venus" and "blue sky jelly" have been extinct, and are hot spots for collection. "Although green jade is characterized by its green color, the red jelly stone (i.e. Guangdong red) is more rare and precious." said Lin Qiang, director of the Guang green jade culture research center at Guangdong University of Finance and Economics.

"Top quality jadeite and Hetian jade are mostly used for jewelry, with diverse levels of consumption. Guangdong green jade is not suitable for jewelry, should be based on the performance of elegant cultural connotation, aimed at high-end art market. Guang green jade is not well known, the current market price is difficult to compare with topaz, jadeite and other jade species, but its upside is huge." Lin Qiang believes.

Guangdong green jade is still a blind spot for collection

As far as the current market situation is concerned, the price of Guangdong green jade raw materials has increased significantly. It is understood that before 1984, most jade resources are used by miners to make "talcum powder" and other industrial raw materials, when the raw material price of 1.7 yuan / 100 kg. 1984, after the establishment of jade carving factory in Guangning County, jade raw material prices are gradually rising. For example, the above "white eye stone" varieties, its price rose from 12 yuan / 100 kg to the current 150 yuan / kg.

Guangdong green jade is still a blind spot for collection

"For example, a small carving of Ouyang Liangmu, a master of arts and crafts and a titan of Chinese jade carving, sold for only 1,000 yuan in 1985, and was sold for 380,000 yuan at the end of last year." Lin Qiang revealed, "At present, the collection of wide green jade is still a blind spot, and the domestic market is circulating a number of wide green jade Qing Dynasty seals returned from Japan, which are seriously undervalued, with auction estimates mostly in the range of 10,000-20,000 $."

Lin Qiang also said that many collectors are still in a wait-and-see situation, waiting for the "Guangdong Provincial Local Standard (Guang green jade)" and "Guang green jade geographical indication product protection" two regulatory documents, with a view to issuing quality testing certificates for Guang green jade collections, as well as the origin of the logo. "If these two documents can be successfully introduced, the quality, credibility and industrial development of Guanglv jade will be regulated and guaranteed, and the confidence and recognition of collectors will be significantly increased. It is expected that the price of Guang green jade collections is expected to double in the next two years."

3,Guang green jade identification characteristics

Features of Green Jade

"It is one of the five most famous jades in China, produced in Guangning County, Guangdong Province. It is also known as Qingtian stone from Zhejiang Province, Shoushan stone from Fujian Province, Changhua stone from Zhejiang Province, and Balin stone from Inner Mongolia. Its color is colorful, crystal clear and dazzling, among which emerald green, green sea aventurine, white with green and yellow with green are rare and the most valuable. In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, it was already a famous tribute and was known as the "treasure of stone", and was collected by collectors at home and abroad. It has been well documented in the history of Taiwan and Japan. The famous calligrapher Mr. Zhao Puchu wrote the words "Guangdong green, the treasure of stone" for the jade.

During the testing work in Guangzhou Jade Street, more and more samples of Guangdong green jade were found, indicating that this traditional jade variety has started to get more and more attention and love. Guangdong local standard DB44/94-2007 has also given a "name" to the jade from the height of the standard, and can be named "Guang green jade" on the identification certificate. In the appraisal industry, relatively few samples of this type have been detected.

Green Jade

The main colors are green, yellow, white, black, and gray, as well as red, brown, and purple. The variety of color tones is endless, especially in green. There are often multiple colors coexisting on a single stone.

The structure of the jade is dense and blocky, with a fine texture. The lamellar structure of the mica flakes can be seen on the faults, and under the microscope the glitter of the deconstruction surface is visible, showing greasy luster, waxy luster, silky luster, slightly transparent to translucent or opaque.

In addition to sericite, it also contains a small amount of quartz, apatite, rutile and albite. According to X-ray powder crystal diffraction test, the main mineral is sericite.

As a traditional jade material, with its rich color, delicate texture, and variety of subjects, Guang green jade is gradually showing its head in the new era of jade industry, and it is getting more and more mature, now there are also wholesalers near Liwan Square and Jade Street in Guangzhou, and I believe that the market of Guang green jade will become more and more mature in the near future.

4,Types of Green Jade

It is often divided into varieties according to color characteristics. The main varieties are "yellow green", "white green", "turquoise", "dark green", "aventurine green", and "aventurine green". Green with Venus", "Emerald Green", "Duck Poop Green", "Five Flowers Green", "Bamboo Leaf Green", and "bamboo leaf green", "blue sea and clouds", "yellow and white stone", "black and white stone", "black and white stone", "yellow and black stone "yellow black stone", "black stone", "white stone", "white hard stone", "Frozen stone at the bottom of the pit" and so on. Among them, "blue sea and cloudy sky", "aventurine green", "yellow green", "white green", "turquoise", "green", "green", "green", "green", "green" and "green". "Green" and "jelly at the bottom of the pit" are the most valuable.

History of Green Jade

5,History of Guang green jade

History of Green Jade

The history of Guanlv stone is well documented in Taiwan and Japan, especially in the book "Wenfang Gujiao Shu Dao" by Mr. Uno Yukimura, a Japanese authority on Wenfang Shu Dao, and the book "Addendum to the Stone Seal Material" by Mr. Shaolin Tokutaro of Japan, both of which regard Guanlv stone as a worldly treasure comparable to Tianhuang and Chicken Blood Stone. Mr. Cheng Dajun, a famous Chinese jade expert, GAC jade appraiser, vice president of Guangdong Provincial Jade Association, and first vice president of Asian Jewelry Federation, wrote an article "Guangdong Green, one of the "Five Great Stones" of China" more than 20 years ago. He gave a detailed description of the stone and compared it with Tian Huang and Chicken Blood Stone, giving it a very high evaluation. The former president of the Buddhist Association of China and the late famous calligrapher Mr. Zhao Puchu was pleased to inscribe the stone with the words "Guangdong Green, the treasure of stone".

According to the Guangning County Records of the Qing Dynasty, "The stone of Yun Chaoshan (now Mugwai Mountain) is colorful, warm and chestnut, and is sold by merchants for carving seal heads. Guangdong green stone is delicate, warm and moist like jade, with few impurities, moderate hardness and easy to process, and is a rare gemstone. It is also a precious material for making arts and crafts and seals.

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