Blue Diamonds

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Blue Diamonds:A blue diamond of the highest quality is worth a lot of money and is second only to red diamonds in rarity. Today, blue diamonds are produced almost exclusively in South Africa and Australia. The reason for this is the presence of boron atoms in the diamond's crystal structure.

Name: Blue Diamond Origin: South Africa, Australia Rarity: Very rare, second only to red diamonds.

Features: deep and blue Cause: the diamond's crystal structure contains boron atoms.

Blue diamonds

1,Blue diamond price

Blue diamonds since 2007 showed a surge after flat and then plummeting route to 2008 as a watershed, within the previous five years, prices rose more than two times, while 2008 was basically flat, the end of 2008 began, 1 carat weight above the large volume of blue diamonds so far plummeted 35%, the price of small blue diamonds also fell by at least 15%.

At present, the price of a carat of blue diamonds can reach between 100,000 and 300,000 yuan, and such a starting price is also much more expensive than white diamonds, but the same with white diamonds is that the price of blue diamonds will also follow the quality of the diamond. The price of blue diamonds will also be based on the color depth of the diamond and how much inclusions to decide, a carat of blue diamond color if the more brilliant, the more pure and flawless clarity, then its price even up to more than 500,000 yuan.

Petra Diamonds Ltd, which has been producing the world's most valuable diamonds, discovered another 122-carat sapphire at the Cullinan diamond mine in South Africa on June 14, 2014, which caused Petra's share price to rise by 8% on the 13th, and industry insiders estimated that the sapphire was estimated to be worth 600 million pounds (about RMB 6.3 billion).

2,Blue diamond and sapphire difference

A1, blue diamonds are actually blue diamonds, but not sapphires, and sapphires are still different, although it is said that diamonds also belong to a kind of gemstone, but will not be categorized with sapphires. Diamond belongs to a kind of carbon crystals with a fairly high density, while sapphire is a generic name for corundum gemstones in addition to red ruby, other color corundum gemstones, the main component is aluminum oxide.

A2,The color of blue diamonds is a light sky blue, with a light and often grayish color concentration. Sapphires, on the other hand, are darker, with a high concentration of color, and present a deep aquamarine or dark blue color.

Blue diamond and sapphire difference

A3, the hardness of diamonds is the largest natural inoculation, and it seems that the hardness of sapphires is very different, in addition to hardness, the cut of the two is also different, sapphires are mainly oval egg-shaped, while blue diamonds can be cut into 57 faces of the round, is the standard cut of diamond products.

3,Blue Diamond Meaning

"The Heart of Eternity" (the Heart of Eternity) "The Heart of Eternity" (the Heart of Eternity) weighs 27.64 carats, found in South Africa's Premere mine, is a rare and superb The blue diamond, like the Hope, the most famous blue diamond, is due to the presence of boron atoms in the diamond's crystal structure.

4,Blue diamond auction history

Sotheby's has auctioned many of the world's most prestigious fancy blue diamonds, and has successfully held the world record for the carat price of a fancy blue diamond. After the Star of Josephine in 2009 and the De Beers Millennium Blue Diamond in April 2010, Sotheby's will present the 8.01 carat square Fancy Blue Diamond and Diamond Ring in April 2012. A sparkling and captivating top quality blue diamond, the square fancy colored diamond is exceptionally rare, and because of its 8 carat weight, it is the most significant square fancy colored blue diamond in the auction market for many years, with a pre-sale estimate of HK$90 million to HK$110 million.

Blue diamond auction history

The history of the famous doomed diamond "Hope" can be written into a novel, interested friends can go to Elegant Theory to see, there is a detailed record of May 8, 2002, in Hong Kong Sotheby's held a jewelry auction, a pair of blue diamond earrings sold for 23.73 million Hong Kong dollars, became the highest price in the history of jewelry auction in Hong Kong. The highest-priced Western diamond jewelry ever sold at a Hong Kong jewelry auction. The "Hope" - the world's most ominous diamond - was last bid at $15 million in 1947. Today, the price of the "Hope" blue diamond is far from that.

5,Blue diamond reputation
In the jewelry hall of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., there is a bulletproof glass cabinet, which displays a rare treasure decorated by 62 small diamonds - "Hope" blue diamond. 300 years, it has brought bad luck to those who possess it than all The curse of the sorcerer is worse. This has given it an extremely mysterious tinge, hence the name "mysterious ominous object".

"The Hope Blue Diamond is one of the few diamond kings in the world, and in 1947 the Hope Blue Diamond was priced at $15 million. In 1958, the Hope Blue Diamond was donated to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., by its last owner, the American jeweler Hailey Winston, who took possession of it. The Hope Blue Diamond is displayed in a bulletproof glass case, comparable to the jewelry used in the coronations of emperors. The eerie blue light seems to tell its mysterious history to visitors from all over the world.


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