Austrian crystal

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Austrian crystal is a kind of glass containing lead, Swarovski's brand does this stuff.Austrian crystal Nature: glass containing lead Color: multicolor.

Light transmission: good Price: not high Brand: Swarovski.

Austrian crystal

1,Austrian crystal is what

What is Austrian crystal?Austrian crystal, not natural crystal, is actually an Austrian lead glass technology, its process is the manufacturing of glass technology plus the technology of lead, the product comes out with a crystal texture, so called Austrian crystal.

Austrian crystal is named after the Austrian company Swarovski. The company is known for cutting a variety of glass products, synthetic cubic zirconia, and some low- to mid-range stones, and is the largest manufacturer of imitation crystal stones in the world. Most of the company's products enter the Chinese market under the name of "Austrian crystal".

Austrian crystals come in a variety of colors and shapes, and are as beautiful as crystal when worn.

2,Austrian crystal prices

Austrian crystal prices

Most of the pendants, bracelets and necklaces are within three digits.

3,The role of Austrian crystal

Although Austrian crystal does not have the geological qualities of natural crystal, but because of its tedious production process, raw materials from natural materials, oxides are very much, the ornaments made of Austrian crystal is very rare, many Austrian crystals are made into small crystal jewelry and small ornaments. However, large ornaments are usually more expensive than ordinary natural crystals because of their high production cost, beauty, elegance, transparency, lack of impurities and small production success rate.

The role of Austrian crystal

There are very few designers in Hong Kong who can use Austrian crystals to make large feng shui ornaments, which are very effective because of the many oxides and have many advantages that natural crystals do not have, with a strong effect of strengthening the aura and magnetic field, increasing the oxygen magnetic field, and currently the famous Hong Kong Seven Star Hall zodiac fortune change feng shui ornaments are designed with this material, which is transparent and beautiful without impurities, strengthening the strong oxygen magnetic field and Improve the structure of the qi field pattern, good functional effect.

4,Austrian crystal identification

First, Austrian crystal does not contain defects, impurities, bubbles, clear and transparent, very good purity.

Secondly, the particles are uniform in size, the cutting line is very sharp, and the facets are smooth, and the more cuts there are, the better the luster and the more translucent it is.

Thirdly, Austrian crystals that show a beautiful rainbow color in the light are of the best quality and have a pure color.

Austrian crystal identification

Fourthly, Austrian crystals have very good light transmission, which is incomparable to other crystals.

Fifth, if you find that the price of the product is 60% lower than the counter price, it must be a fake loan.

Sixth, in addition, take the Austrian crystal to Swarovski's Shanghai branch or Swarovski counter to inspect the goods.

Seventh, the inner and outer packaging of Austrian crystal products, as well as its package repair cards, certificates and brochures are the same dark blue as its swan logo.

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